Artist Revenue Share Program

Getting fanbase and promotion is tough…

That is the main reason why SoundChain goes against the practice of charging fees to promote, infact it is quite the opposite!

SoundChain offers small commissions to upcoming artists

This is paid in USDC-USD Coin on Ethereum Main Net

Any conversions can be made or feel welcome to withdraw.

Posting material must be done using MMXMR Token ONLY!

How does promotions work?

Promotions are done using MMXMR Token which powers OD Network.
MMXMR Token can be gained or exchanged with royalty earnings.
Artists are paid while waiting to gain more earnings.

Audio Promotion

To upload audio will require fee of 0.01 MMXMR.
audio tracks will earn USDC in royalties. Royalties are split evenly regardless of plays.
Only official Artist profiles may receive royalties NOT fanpage.
To be official status ALL songs must be created, and/or published by user or have permissions to receive commissions therein.

Video Promotion

Only Official Artist profiles can receive earning

Official Artist Music Page

Create an official music page (not profile)
There is NO FEE
Account must be official and verified
You can submit html for approved code and embed only
share your music page link and earn USDC for traffic
This is one of the best ways to utilize SoundChain and receive earnings while building your fanbase.